Monday, March 26, 2007

مقالي عن التعديلات الدستورية في إسلام أون لاين المقال على الموقع برجاء الزيارة والتعليق وآآآآه من التعديلات (أو التعجيلات، أو التعديات) الدستورية


A.Rashdan said...

إيييييييه الحلاوه دية ... بقيت كاتب يا هودز .. LOL

Anonymous said...

ياعم جزاك الله خيرا اكيد هنروح ان شاء الله

عبدو بن خلدون said...

gOoD wOrK!

You've done a great job...

YET, I have 1 important remark I guess: we -all- are used to talk about the Authority saying "the State", O'guys plz be aware!
we are the state, they are nothing!
You may consider this fake a part of the War of Concepts, they afford massive efforts just to pass such mis-conceptions to our minds , and moreover we get it "unconciously"!
Talking about the State -though meaning the Authority- includes a dangerous mistake: as if we admit that this country is not ours -though it's-, and as if we confess that when we take a stance in front of their tyranny, depotism, stupidity, humiliation, torture,...etc, we are againgst the "State", OUR STATE!

cAn U bElIeVe It?!