Saturday, April 28, 2007

could that be true? what will happen

I was reading a testimony of what happened in the Muslim Brotherhood leaders' military tribunal session on Thursday...
The eye witness spoke about how media was not allowed into the court room (this should send a clear, alarming message for human rights and democracy activists all over the world regarding the regime's intentions), and even the detainees' families were not allowed inside untill they were inspected several times, and no mobile phones, MP3s, cameras, recorders or even papers were allowed.
It astonished me to hear that the prosecutor never met most of the "suspects", as investigations never took place!!
The MB leaders were acquitted a day earlier by a civilian court, for the second time. The regime refused to uphold the verdict and respect judiciary, so it rearrested them. Ironically, it did not even spend the time and effort to issue an arrest warranty, it just took them from court to prison on Wedneday, and then to the military tribunal on Thursday. How could a regime possibly disrespect law more than the Egyptian regime?!
One of those facing money laundry accusations could not afford to rent an apartment in Cairo, and therefore sleeps at the office where he works.
He came to work in Cairo and left his family in Alexandria because he could not afford to pay the school fees of his children, so he had to look for a job somewhere else. He is facing charges of money laundry!!!!!!
Another one was in prison when his father died, and when his wife gave birth to his third child. He was not in prison because he is a criminal, he was in prison because he is a political opponent of the corrupt, tyrrant regime.
A third one, also facing money laundry charges, asked the prosecutor about the amount of money his is accused of laundring, the prosecutor not only failed to answer, but also said that this is not included in the investigations!!!
Another one of the suspects challenged the prosecutor to identify him, just to know his name. The prosecutor failed, because he never met him before; there was no investigation!!
Another one spoke about how the notorious state security apparatus official Atef el Hoseini told him 3 years ago that he would present him to a military tribunal. He then asked the "judge" (who is an army officer, removable by his commanders): why did he tell me a military tribunal? because he knows that civilian courts are independent, unlike military tribunals.
I read all that, I called sons and daughters of detainees....
I read about it websites like this, this, and this,
and blogs like this, this, and this
But then I have to ask: WHAT IS NEXT
Will the regime disregard law and keep them in prison after their acquittal by civilian courts?
Will the regime continue to disrespect human rights, and use military tribunals to send political opponents to prison?
Will the regime pave the way for Mubarak Jr at the cost of tens of families?
Will the regime continue its crackdown on moderate Islamists, and consequently strengthen the sentement of the radicals?
Will Western democracies continue their support for the Egyptian regime, despite its ongoing violations of human rights, and negative contributions to international peace and stability?
Will Secretary Rice do nothing by express her worries about what's going on in Egypt, and then meet the Egyptian president and speak of him as one of America's best friends in the region?
Will the unevenhandedness continue?
Those are questions that really do need answers
I hope the days will give answers that help in promoting democracy in Egypt, and peace in the region

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ابن بطوطة … طب مفيش استثناءات ..؟! أصل الطابور طويل .. وانت كمان بتغيب كتير .. باين عليه هأخطف رجلى للسودان ..أسرع ..!!!